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Join the Musical Journey with "Kiss Me, Son of Blog": An Invitation to They Might Be Giants Enthusiasts and Newcomers Alike

Are you captivated by the intricate melodies and clever lyrics of They Might Be Giants? Or perhaps you're on the brink of discovering the whimsical world they've created through their music? Whatever your familiarity with TMBG, there's a unique space awaiting your presence - "Kiss Me, Son of Blog."

The Genesis of a Musical Odyssey

Chase Roper, like many of us, has found a band that resonates on a level beyond mere entertainment. They Might Be Giants have touched the lives of countless fans. Chase's admiration for TMBG has led to the birth of "Kiss Me, Son of Blog,"(a play on his favorite song ‘Kiss Me, Son of God’) a platform where he embarks on an ambitious journey to explore every single song by TMBG - sharing personal anecdotes, vague song interpretations, and the sheer joy of music that connects us all.

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For the Love of Music and Storytelling

Each post in the newsletter is a blend of musical analysis and personal narrative, offering insights into how TMBG's songs intertwine with life's moments. Whether it's a track that has been a companion during a significant life event or a newly discovered gem, Chase's reflections provide a rich, multi-dimensional experience of music appreciation.

A Community of Like-Minded Souls

"Kiss Me, Son of Blog" is more than just Chase's musings; it's a gathering spot for fans and newcomers alike. Through comments and shared experiences, subscribers become part of a community that celebrates the quirks, the genius, and the emotional impact of TMBG's music. It's a place to nerd out, share your favorite songs and albums, and perhaps, find your new best friend among fellow enthusiasts.

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Subscribing to "Kiss Me, Son of Blog" means getting weekly posts directly in your inbox, delving into the heart of TMBG's discography. Paid subscribers receive the added joy of becoming an instant best friend and the satisfaction of supporting a project born out of pure passion for music and storytelling.

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Building a Little Empire Out of Some Crazy Garbage

The essence of "Kiss Me, Son of Blog" is captured in its title - a play on TMBG's "Kiss Me, Son of God," reflecting both a deep reverence for the band's work and a personal touch of humor and nostalgia. Chase's exploration is not just about the music; it's about building connections, sharing stories, and finding beauty in the details that make each song special.

An Invitation to Join the Journey

Whether you're a die-hard fan of They Might Be Giants or curious about the depth of their musical catalogue, "Kiss Me, Son of Blog" offers a unique, engaging, and heartfelt experience.

“If I were alive, I’d be subscribed to this newsletter," Chase’s Grandmother, probably.

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Chase Roper, the author of this thing.

From the nascent days of his comedic journey with the blog "Chaseblogger" in 2006, Chase Roper's unique comedic lens has been leaving a mark in various corners of the internet. Recognized and spotlighted by the Comedy Central blog, he then began his association with "Punchline Magazine", subsequently conducting enlightening interviews with comedy stalwarts like Marc Maron, Paul F. Tompkins, and George Lopez, to name a few.

But Chase wasn't just contained within the blogging sphere. By 2008, he transitioned to the microphone-lit stages of stand-up comedy. Though initially dabbling, by 2015, Chase committed to making audiences laugh with his transparent and uniquely sarcastic take on life.

Having worked with platforms and brands like Earwolf Podcast Network and Laughspin, he brought his fresh perspective even to mainstream platforms. His noteworthy contribution to the Today Show blog - on the intriguing use of Pinterest as a stay-at-home dad - showcased his capability to blend humor with contemporary themes.

In 2020, his hiatus from comedy during global pandemics, led to an evolving appreciation for modern docu-dramas (90 Day Fiancé) and home bartending. Chase's achievements also once earned him recognition as a finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award.

This Tacoma based comedian and writer is transparent, sometimes irreverent, and "bitingly" sarcastic (a word that he insists is, in fact, probably not real).

Off the stage and screen, Chase finds solace cherishing horror movies with his children and starting several new creative endeavors that he knows he will never see through to completion. Thank you for reading this far.

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