I’m excited to have found your TMBG Substack! They’ve been a favorite band of mine since almost the “...Start”. I remember discovering their 2nd album, Lincoln, while working at a small record store in Santa Cruz, California in 1988, opening it and playing it on the store’s stereo and having my mind blown. I then went and bought their debut, and then pretty much everything else afterward. I just saw them play a couple months ago on their “Flood” tour. It was 3 plus years of delays and reschedules, but so worth it! They did of course play this one too, which I was thrilled about.

I’ve written about TMBG at least twice on my Substack, and they will be co-featured in my next piece coming out next week. I’ll give you a shout out to try and send some TMBG fans your way!

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Hey Steve, I'm really glad to have you here! Lincoln is easily one of my all time favorite albums in all of music. It's so cool that you got to attend that Flood show! I had tickets prior to covid and I was sure it was getting cancelled and so I sold my tickets, 3 years later I couldn't find available tickets for a Seattle show to save my life. I ended up watching their First Avenue live streamed show which was a special way to feel like I got to experience it. The reverse Sapphire Bullets was freaking amazing. I'm going to go deep dive your stuff and find those TMBG nuggets so I can shout them out as well!

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