"What are Einstein and Copernicus wrong about?"

I think both Einstein and Copernicus represent theories which decenter the earth. Copernicus is credited with shifting to heliocentric model of the solar system (in which the Sun is the center and the earth orbiting). Einstein described a universe in which space and time are relative to the observer and nothing is fixed.

Both of those would be wrong is there was a fixed address for the earth (implying that the earth was a specific location, rather than a moving planet in a moving solar system in a moving galaxy).

All of that may be taking the joke too literally. I don't think the band of "The Sun Is A Mass of Incandescent Gas" is really criticizing the Copernican model.

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This is a good perspective on that lyric though! I never spent much time comparing both of those scientists. If the world had a literal address, they’d both be wrong. Also, if the world was a literal dress, they’d be super wrong about so much.

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